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Gerri Marlowe - 70 Years Old - Site #1

Sex At 70

Grandmother next door is a swinger and holds monthly orgies in her home. Remember, you are never too old for an orgy !!!

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I might look like the Grandmother next door and I am ... but I'm also a swinger. My husband and I hold monthly orgies in our home and I'm always looking for good looking men, women and couples to hook up with and fuck. We love to take pictures and video of our parties and we post most of it here on my website ... Sex at 70. We are definitely over 60 and I promise you I've taken more cock than 99% of the women you'll see on the internet ... I love it all and I'm really very good at it. I just love to fuck and my husband loves to let me do it!



Mrs. Dee DiCarlo - 62 Years Old - Site #2
aka The World Famous Swinging Granny

Mrs. Dee DiCarlo Is The Original Swinging Granny

I Fuck Everyone

South Florida, swinging wife, mother and grandmother. Love Bukkake, Gang Bangs and Orgies, the more - the merrier! I play with lots of guys. LOTS AND LOTS OF GUYS!

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I'm a Real Grandma, a Real Swinger and a Real Cougar and I've Fucked Over 100 Men ... young men, old men, friends, neighbors and strangers ... Black Men and white men. My husband and I have been swingers for years and next to an all out orgy at a swinger's party, there's nothing I love more than fucking some stranger with a nice big cock. I admit I love it all! Whether black or white, big or not so big, one on one, threesomes or orgies! If you ever get to Florida drop me a line and maybe we can meet at one of the local swinger's clubs. You never know what might happen if the chemistry is right! There's Over 4,000 Home Pictures and My Videos Here; all of me taking cock from a whole lot of guys ... I mean a lot of guys!! and I Update My Site Twice Every Week. I don't just tease with pretty stuff; what I do is as Real and as Hardcore as you'll find anywhere on the internet and it will be all yours !!!



Granny Vision - Site #3
Full Length, Hardcore, Mature Videos

Granny Vision

All movies, all the time. Seriously hardcore, full length videos from the most famous swingers in the world !!!

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Granny's School For Swingers - Site #4
For Singles Or Couples

These personal ad sites are very similar to the old newspaper/magazine personals. Obviously...

You will have a great time at a swing club if you leave your "Macho attitude" at the door. Be yourself...

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Granny's School For Swingers

Learn to be a world class swinger and a fabulous lover. Become a sex machine !!!

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